Poojana opens up in ‘Rakshya’ poster

Director Raju Giri prefers to get himself into controversy when female artists are concerned. He opened up Sushma Karki in the poster of the movie ‘Bindass’ (the poster) and they stopped talking with each other. Now, it is the turn of Poojana Pradhan (Poojana Stri) to open up in Raju Giri’s film poster.


Poojana had been practicing sober religious life when she joined Jaya Sangat Ashram and she had openly told that she won’t be an item girl. But, from the poster of her upcoming movie ‘Rakshya’, we can say that she had missed the glamorous life of  being a sexy actress or model.

‘Rakshya’ is produced by Pabita Basnet and is made on politics and sex theme. The movie features Ashok Phuyal, Poojana Pradhan, , Sushanta Karki, and Sarika Ghimire in main roles. The movie scheduled to be released on Chaitra 27 in theaters.

Photos of hot bed scenes of Poojana and actor Ashok Phuyal were unveiled previously.

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