Poojana Pradhan's bikini photos removed

poozana_pradhan_881425636After the threat to sue the modeling website cybersansar.com, model turned actress Poojana Pradhan’s photos were removed from the website. Poojana has told that the website is misusing the photos.

The photos in question were shot in bikini in the banks of Narayani river. The hot photos are considered to be the ones that established her in the modeling and eventually as an actress. While talking about the signature photos she told that – they were good enough to start with but now, as a established actress she can’t afford to have such bikini clad photos around.

While it is not known what the terms of the agreement were, some question the intention of the threat at this time. As a model, Poojana should be aware of the fact that the removal of the photos from one site doesn’t ensure it’s disappearance. The attached photos, although removed from cybersansar, were found other sites. To me, it looks like she wants to be talked about and be reminded about the hot photos of her initial days.

These days Poojana has started Jaya Sangat Ashram for orphan children and has also added a ‘Stri’ tag in her name.

With this issue, models have learnt a new method to be in news — by threatening to sue websites. I won’t be surprised if Smita Thapa or Baby Thapa start using the ‘sue’ word.

UPDATE: While going through other photos of Poojana, I found much sexier poses of hers:

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