Baby Thapa, Smita Thapa – competition in full swing

One of the ‘minority knowledgeable‘ in Kantipur would be very happy to read an article of Baby Thapa who says she had “4-5 boyfriends and is having a sexual relation with a Nepali celebrity”.

baby thapa-article2

When Saptahik, sister publication of Kantipur, published an interview of Smita Thapa in which she talked about her sexual life under the influence of alcohol, I thought it was an advertisement of a call girl. In response to the article, Kantipur has recently published another article in which Smita is called ‘Bold’ and ‘Radical’. Now, another ‘Bold and Radical’ girl has claimed she is bold enough. Looks like, business promotion is in full swing!

In Nepali modeling, it is believed that body exposure is the key factor of popularity. The models who expose more remain in top position for a longer time. But, in our conservative society it is also a matter of courage and determination to be bold. Baby and Smita are such models who can expose to the extreme. In her article Baby has told that the photographers and publishers can’t publish some of the ‘indecent’ photos of hers.

Sexual health and sexual motivation are two different topics that can’t be interchanged. Sexual health is an important part of life and kids should be taught it in school but sexual motivation and interest should be reserved for the grown-ups. When the media houses like Nayapatrika or Kantipur fail to embrace the Journalism Ethics, much can’t be expected from other smaller media houses.

The contents published by the newspapers determine their targeted audience. Publication of such interviews might work for online media, but physical publications should suffer, when more and more people find it difficult to share the content with their family members.

Posted below are some hot photos of Baby Thapa. Photo courtesy Nayapatrika, Saptahik, and Cybersansar.

6 thoughts on “Baby Thapa, Smita Thapa – competition in full swing

  1. hi evening,m sanpab u r really todays girl really u r good position n i like ur time to time changing point.really we must follow the time i prefer that

  2. dude i fully support and agree with you… my first thought on that article was the same… i too thought that, that was a business article in a full swing… she is doing a duty of a call girl quite pretty well…

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