Pregnant Actresses – Arunima Lamsal’s turn

The news about pregnant Aishwairya is taking Bollywood by storm and has spread all over the world like a wild fire. Now, there is a similar news about a Nepali actress, Arunima Lamsal, on the way of being mother. The news has also spread all over in Nepali media.

When Arunima remained contactless with media and wasn’t seen in public places for a long time, various questions were raise.

Before that, she rarely missed any public functions where she was invited. She used to participate regularly in formal programs related to film industry.But, when she vanished from these events, people started to talking about here. Some of her close co-actors said that she was in the mood of taking rest and giving more time to her family. Some even speculated that there was a problem in her married life and she was trying to cope with it.

Now, all of these gossips have been over shaded over by the good news about her pregnancy. She had informed about her pregnancy through a phone call, and she told that she had recently checked up with a doctor. According to the report, she is going to be a mother ‘very soon’. “Both baby and I are all right”, she said.

Arunima Lamsal had married her boyfriend, Amit Aryal, some six years ago. The pregnancy might stop Arunima from appearing in movies for some time. As for now, her movie “Ke Yo Maya Ho” is going to be released on Shrawan 20.

Our congratulation to Amit Aryal and Arunima Lamsal for the upcoming addition to their family.

Yes, when talking about celeb pregnancy, how can we can’t forget Sanchita Luitel, who is tending her twins in her belly!

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  1. Iam glad to here that Nepali actress Arunima Lamsal has given birth to a daughter.I really appreciate her as a Nepali actress.I like her action too much.She is fit and fine in all respect.She is so cute and preety.I like her most.Im enjoing her every films in canada too.So,if you dont mind,could you provide me your E-mail ID Arunima?So that i may write u my all feelings that cheers you up.

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