Nikhil – Sanchita expecting twins?

sanchita-luitel-pregnant-belly The reel life chemistry of actor Nikhil Upreti and actress Sanchita Luitel was appreciated those days while they appeared together in screen. Rumors were everywhere about their love affair though it was not accepted by both. However truth can’t be hidden. After working some numbers of film they both get married. This time too they planned to hide their wedding like suspense that can be seen in the films. So they moved towards India and planned to be settled there.

After all Sanchita became pregnant and their plan became unsuccessful; hence, their hidden truth came outside. They were compelled to accept and said “yes we got married”. The reason behind this may be their hard days of struggle in Mumbai. So, they returned back to Nepal after six month in India.

Now Sanchita is living in Nikhil’s ancestral home in remote place of Sarlahi. A while earlier, she was spotted in a party thrown by comedy actor Nirmal Sharma, trying to hide the huge belly in Saree. Her pregnancy report showed that she has twins in her belly.

All the best for the parents of unborn twins!
UPDATE: This information about twins was incorrect. Sanchita gave birth to a son on August 21, 2011.

I hope, nobody will be hurt by the relationship – specially, Nikhil’s yet un-divorced wife Kopila, their child, Sanchita and her future twins.

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