Priyanka Ex marrying in the USA, Priyanka Karki fainted in Radhey shooting location

Is there a relationship between fainting of Priyanka Karki and the marriage of ex-husband Rochak Mainali with another girl?

I hope not !

Report 1 – Priyanka Karki’s ex-husband, a resident of New York, Rochak Mainali, is going to marry Anshuma Kharel in the USA.

Report 2 – Priyanka Karki had fainted in the sets of upcoming movie, ‘Radhey’ at Kalinchowk of Dolkha.

Both of these reports are recent reports. There is nothing to worry about Priyanka as she has recovered and finished the shooting of the song and has already returned back to Kathmandu. But, are these reports related in any ways?

Video report:

Let me analyze the situation:

  • Priyanka Karki and Rochak Mainali were in love and they married in a hurry. As they hurried in getting married, they also hurriedly in getting divorce. I don’t know when the love relationship started but, Priyanka was in her early 20s when she got married in 2010. The marriage didn’t last long and they got divorced in two years.
  • After completion of her undergraduate degree Priyanka returned back to Nepal and started working in movies. Rochak lived in the USA. She wasn’t comfortable about revealing the bad news. So, Priyanka took more than a year to confirm the divorce.
  • Although Priyanka was always on top of filmy news, there were no news about Rochak and their relationship.

Why do people faint?

Fainting is a sudden loss of consciousness. In medical term, it is called syncope, usually caused by the lack of oxygen in the brain. Lack of oxygen in brain might be caused by a lot of different things. Most common cause is low blood pressure. Heart problems can create irregular heart beats, seizures, low blood sugar, anemia, and problems with how the nervous system regulates blood pressure. Some types are genetic and run in families.

Typically people can faint while standing. Simple fainting can occur because of anxiety, fear, pain, intense emotional stress, hunger. Use of alcohol or drugs can also cause fainting. These type of simple fainting do not have underlying heart or nerve or brain problems. (based on the information available at

In case of Priyanka Karki, it seems like a simple fainting with no connection to heart problem. As she was working, she wasn’t probably using drugs or alcohol. That leaves the most common cause, anxiety, fear, pain, emotional stress or hunger.

  • Stress is a possibility.
  • Hunger is also a possibility.
  • Environment (cold) – to be noted, actor Nikhil Upreti was also sick.

I hope it is just the environment that caused the fainting of Priyanka.

Screenshot of the post by Sushil Pokharel in his Facebook status.

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