Priyanka Karki wardrobe malfunction and complaint issue solved (with Priyanka’s letter)

Actress Priyanka Karki has written a long letter to the Film Journalist Association (FJAN) in response to the issue raised by a wardrobe malfunction during the success party of ‘Nai Nabhannu La 2’. A journalist had lodged a complaint against the actress of her accusation that the journalist had actually photoshoped to highlight glimpse of underwear. She also told that she was wearing a dark colored underwear, not the one shown in the photo.

In the response letter she admitted that it might be the part of the t-shirt she had tucked. But, the main point is that the issue had caused her problems not the journalists. So, it is unfair to accuse her for what had happened unknowingly.

The press release by FJAN has told that the issue has been solved as Priyanka has "taken back her words".

Priyanka’s full letter to the association is attached below for your reference:

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  1. 21 shatabdi ma aipugda pani hami nepali 19 shatabdiko jostai byabahar kina garinxa hola yo sabgalat kuraho jaha samma mai lagxa piryanka ji le nya paunu parxa josle yo samanya photo lai asali banauna kosij garnu bhayo uhale piryanka ji sanga sarbhajanik rupma mafi magnu parxa

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