Sushma Karki makes a comeback in an itchy teej song with comedy

Actress Sushma Karki has made a comeback in entertainment industry in a double meaning teej song about itch on her back. The comedy actors of ‘Bhadragol‘ – Kumar Kattel (Sitaram Kattel‘s younger brother), Sagar Lamsal and Hari Niraula are also featured in comedy roles in the song.

sushma karki teej song shooting (1)

Sushma is featured in revealing dress in the song about itch in the back and the request to help relieve the itch. When the comedy actor Kumar Kattel offers to help her, she replied that it was only for the song.

Teej, a traditional festival celebrated by unmarried women in search of husband and married women for their husband is basically about finding a mating partner. Although given a sanity wrap of religion and tradition – songs and dances during the festival unveil the desire to find a mating partner. These days, although being highly criticized, such song with double meaning have been quite popular during the festival.

More photos of the shooting:

Photo credit – Sushma Karki

The Teej music Video:

From: ‘Chilayo … Kanyai deu na bai… ” song in serialsansar.

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