Pushkar Shah – the world, eleven years, and Mt. Everest

pushkar shah I have heard about Pushkar Shah in bits and pieces. He was travelling countries on bicycle and now it has summed up to be the World. Yes, he has finished his journey of eleven years to introduce Nepal … in bits and pieces.

November 29, 1998 was the big day Puskar set out on an 11 year journey on a bicycle with NRs 100 (about $1.50) in his pocket. After travelling 150 countries in Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Middle East, and Europe now he has announced that he has completed his journey.

Now he has his ultimate dream :

I would like to climb Mount Everest in 2010 bringing the national flags of all the countries I will have visited by then to the summit.

Let’s wish him luck and we know he would do what he says he will.

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  1. thankyou so much pushkar shah.we are proud of you.and best of luck for.i hope you ll be successfull climb the mount everst.ok take care.

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