QFX cinemas closed – because of ban in Hindi movies

According to a media report, one of the multiplex operators QFX has decided to close its theaters because of the ban in screening Hindi movies starting from Monday. The distribution manager of QFX, Basanta Manandhar, told that they don’t have "any quality Nepali movie" to screen in their theaters. QFX’s all three theaters – QFX Jainepal, QFX Kumari and QFX Central in Civil Mall, Sundhara are closed for now. The report also says that another multiplex, BigCinemas, has also limited to operating only one of its theaters from Monday.

These decisions are told to be made in response to the CPN-Maoist (Baidhya faction) decision to ban the screening of Hindi movies in Nepal.

Do you think banning movies (or, banning anything for that matter) help in the development of a country?

UPDATE: QFX previously announced the closure of theater on Friday.


On Saturday, they decided to open the theater on Sunday.

QFX cinemas Facebook profile however mentions the release of Nepali movie ‘Visa Girl’ starting this Friday, Oct 5, 2012.

Quote from Facebook profile:

Visa Girl is a Nepali romantic comedy based on the lives of one sweet girl with a charitable heart and three young and ambitious men who goes after her. Through the journey, love is gained, lost and regained and all of them come out of the experience earning valuable lessons for life.

Support Nepali movies and movie makers. VISA GIRL coming to QFX this weekend, October 5 :)


13 thoughts on “QFX cinemas closed – because of ban in Hindi movies

  1. Banning Hindi movies from Nepal is the best idea. Now we need to make our own great movies, which will promote our culture and fashion

  2. its totally ridiculous .banning hindi movies is totally disguisting and againts the relationship between two countries.unemployment is going to rise and theater will goes down in loss.

  3. all the communist f**kers can just die in hell. wtf!!!
    sale harulai army le thokdiyeni hune sala party garthe. vikari haru

  4. I believe maoists are just maoists.They are not nepalese people.They just
    exists to give pain and torture to the real nepali people.They are just f*****g a******.

  5. baning the hind movies does not make any senses. if they really want to develop the country then why they havent make the constitution until now. they the living standard of people are not growning then. particular movies that disturb the society should be ban, but banning all hindi and english movies does not make any senses. we also look the nepali movies that are nice altought we cannot compare hindi and english movies. banning on entertainment is no use only fools make such decision.

  6. Masala !! Thukka maobadi ho ki gaule badi.. I swart saab maobadi gau bata kambapayera jhareko gaule haru bai maibadi ho.. Buddhi vrasta vaeko haru.. Indian films banned garera khub thulo kam garis .. Tei dhoti ko pani puri khafai ramauchas !! What if infia takes huge action and bannds all products to export to NEPAL!!! Murdar!! Vikharu hunchas ta!! Masala!! TYO VISA GIRL SIRL HERDINA !!! Khatey!! NEPALI FILM SAVAI CHOREKO HUNCHA JATI DIGITAL LYAE PANI.. Indian movie rarely copied huncha!! BAAL!! HERDINA VISA SIDA!! MORA QFX MA JOB APPLY GAREKO NI FUSS VO!! TESKABAU MAOBADI TA SALA KIRA PARERA MARCHAS!! YEDI TERO GHAR MA INDUA KO EK SAMA J PANI HOS DABAI HOS KI K .. USE GARIS TA TALAI MERO SARAP LAGI JAOS!! ERO SANTAN TADPINCHA HINDI SERIAL FILM HERNA NAPAYERA MURDAR SAVAI CHANNEL HARAUCHA ANI HERR NEPALI TV JUN MA RAMRO KEI AUDAIBA MORRR JA MOOD OFF RATI RATI!!! TALAI MARNA PAYE SAAB DAMMMI HUNTHEO!! MORR JA DIN KHARAB GARIS MERO!! TYO SALA NEP-GOV LE KERA KHADAI CHA KYA KEI

  7. well….i find no one’s fault for not seeing nepali movies…nowdays everyone aspect new look and concept in movies which make them attract to see.It’s a human nature that to look forward which is better and modernise concept and technology in movies, where in same context our nepalese viewer are expecting the same.All are in advance in acting, directing, And building new concept in nowadays .so i prefer not to do bandha but to improve,modernise,new concept and perfect direction in kollywood……..

  8. Its pathetic ! Banning and screening Hindi cinema does’nt make any sense, its a wrong move applied by the Maoist party, cinema goers are very much frustrated by this and peoples are really disappointed by this moved, i don;t see any reason to banning the Hindi cinema in our country, our gods and traditions are almost very similar to the Indians.
    Its really discouraging!

  9. Khoob desh lai maya garre bannera soccyahola dhoti saaman use garrna nadieera. Buddhi nabhako buda baccha haru. Ahile samma pani soccai tyakkai ma 6-7 class hudda mero jassto thiyyo tesstai cha. Sala pritivi ka bhaar haru. Sabb gayye huncha janayuddha garrna. Army layyera buthdinnu parrne pakhe haru lai…sala communist pakhe haru…desh lai kahile aggi bannda diddainann. Sala Biralo-f****rs…Bedha-f****rs! Taile bideshi samman bann garrdiama hunncha…torrent download garri garri herrchu sala

  10. being band of hindi english movies it shows that nepali mkovies are so poor.most of nepalese people dont like nepali kmovies coz story are so boring no any high quality picture or no good sound.when will nepali movies will improve.the nepalese actor are also not nice as well as singer,input putting nepali movie song director putting the pop singer may it will improve the movie.people love to watch.but doing band foreign countries it is not a way.the government should not do band of hindi movies

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