QFX Cinema to open in Pulchowk, 5th so far

The movie theater chain QFX is opening it’s theater in the fifth location – at Pulchowk. The theater is located at Lalitpur Labim Mall at Pulchowk, Lalitpur. The theater will feature the latest technology in movie theater. According to the distribution chief, Basanta Manandhar, coffee chain, Java, has also invested in the theater.

The above digital model of Labim Mall is released by QFX chief Nakim Uddin. Uddin is also the president of the film theater association Nepal Chalchitra Sangh.

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Nikhil Upreti lodges complaint against Gopal Kayastha

Actor, director and producer, Nikhil Upreti, has lodged a complain against the distributor of his movie ‘Bhairav’ over its removal from the theater without informing him. ‘Bhairav’ distributor for Kathmandu is BK Films, the company of Nikhil’s friend Gopal Kayastha and producer of Nikhil’s upcoming movie ‘Lootera’. Upon receiving the complaint, the Film Producers Association has summoned Kayastha for the clarification on the matter.

An audio report (in Nepali)

Nikhil’s debut movie as a director ‘Bhairav’ was removed from QFX Central, Civil Mall theatre on the second day of the show. The distributor Kayastha has also told that he wasn’t made aware by the theatre management about the removal of the movie from the theatre.

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QFX theater, DCN Jalma opens in Chitwan

A new movie theater has opened in Narayangadh of Chitwan. The theater of DCN  Jalma is constructed at the same location of the previous theater Jalma Hall.

According to the owner and film producer Ashok Sharma, the theater was constructed at a cost of about Rs. 80 millions. The sound system and projection alone had cost about Rs. 15 million. Being a part QFX franchise has cost an additional money to maintain the standards.

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News from Nepal September, October, 2012 (consolidated)

Massive Fire in Chaudhary Group Factory

Oct 14, 2012 @ 16:56

A massive fire has broken out at the factory of Chaudhary Group Electronics, located in Satungal at around 5:30 pm today. The main cause of fire is not known but, it is suspected to be caused by an electronic short circuit.

Five fire brigades, local water suppliers and police personnel are trying to control the fire. Apart from water, fire retarding gas is also used to control the fire for the last 4 hours without much success. Occasional sounds of blast of electronic product like TV are heard from time to time.
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QFX cinemas closed – because of ban in Hindi movies

According to a media report, one of the multiplex operators QFX has decided to close its theaters because of the ban in screening Hindi movies starting from Monday. The distribution manager of QFX, Basanta Manandhar, told that they don’t have "any quality Nepali movie" to screen in their theaters. QFX’s all three theaters – QFX Jainepal, QFX Kumari and QFX Central in Civil Mall, Sundhara are closed for now. The report also says that another multiplex, BigCinemas, has also limited to operating only one of its theaters from Monday.

These decisions are told to be made in response to the CPN-Maoist (Baidhya faction) decision to ban the screening of Hindi movies in Nepal.

Do you think banning movies (or, banning anything for that matter) help in the development of a country?

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Who loves Nepali movies? Big Cinema doesn’t!

Editor’s Note: Part of the Big Cinema issue was discussed in short previously, in the post titled – Does Nepal need Indian Investment ? The post dealt with Indian investment in Nepal and had a wider scope than Big Cinemas alone. Raunak Niroula has done a more detailed analysis on their decision against Nepali movie and shesds light on how much our own theaters are in waters when treating Nepali cinemas and their viewers. This article is one of the parts of a “Who loves Nepali Movies?” article series.

We started this series to analyze if the theaters are treating Nepali movies fairly. Let’s start with the latest incident involving Big Cinema, a theater operating on Indian investment.

Big Cinemas, a division of Reliance Media Works Limited (formerly known as Adlabs Films Limited) and a member of Reliance ADA Group is India’s largest cinema chain with over 515 theaters spread across India, US, Malaysia, UK, Netherlands and other countries all over the world. The main aim of Reliance is to spread Big Cinemas multiplex and Indian movies all over the world. It has been a few months that Reliance has launched Big Cinemas in Nepal at NLIC City Centre – a new, luxurious shopping mall at Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu.

The news about Big Cinemas not screening Nepali movies is widely being talked about in Nepali media. Being located in Nepal, their decision against Nepali movie industry is viewed as an insult to the Nepali movie industry and the Nepali people as a whole. In response, Nepali movie fans have created a Facebook group titled “Say No To Big Cinemas In Nepal Because They Don’t Screen Nepali Movies”. The film makers, film producers, producer association and film development board have also voiced their concern in this issue. This issue is also viewed as an example of encroachment of Indian culture to dominate Nepali culture and arts.
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