Rajesh Hamal and Nikhil Upreti to be featured together?

Actor Rajesh Hamal surprised everybody when he went to watch Nikhil Upreti‘s movie ‘Bhairav’ in theater as a part of the promotion of the movie. Rajesh Hamal is not known to promote movies like that. He usually didn’t participate in the promotion of his own movies. Rajesh went to Astanarayan theater to watch ‘Bhairav’ on Saturday, September 5.

Talking to the journalist in the event, Nikhil revealed that he is planning a movie with Rajesh Hamal. Although they had shared screen in the past, now the time has changed for both of them. Usually a very busy actor, Rajesh Hamal is free these days. Nikhil has proved that he still has his fans and star power with the success of ‘Bhairav’.

Nikhil didn’t reveal much about the upcoming movie of the two. He confirmed that the movie is under consideration. Rajesh Hamal also confirmed the information. Hamal told that he is eager to work with Nikhil in the movie. Although, most of the recent movies of Rajesh have flopped miserably, Rajesh is still the most sought-after actor in Nepali film industry.

Rajesh Hamal and Nikhil had worked toghether in movies like Hami Teen Bhai, Dobato, Ram Laxman, Dharma, Insaf, Nishana, Bhagya Bidhata, Nikhil Dai, Shiva Shakti, Papi Manchhe, Khal Nayak, Ghayal, Kartavya etc.  Most of these movies are available to watch in xnepali.

After the success of ‘Bhairav’, the sequel of the movie, ‘Bhairav 2’ is already being planned. There is a possibility that Nikhil will direct the movie again. When asked if Rajesh will be featured in the sequel, he denied any such plans.

In an interview, Nikhil had told that he is in no hurry to do a lot of movie. He is planning to work in movies under other’s banners for some time before going fully under his own production house.

After watching the movie Rajesh Hamal appreciated the efforts of Nikhil Upreti and the way he presented the issues in entertaining way.

Movies featuring Rajesh Hamal and Nikhil Upreti together:

(These are full movies. But, some of the movies might not be available now.)

Nepali Movie – Dasgaja (Rajesh Hamal, Nikhil Upreti, Nawal Khadka)
Nepali Movie – Insaf (Rajesh Hamal, Nikhil, Jharana Thapa)
Nepali Movie – Dharma (2011)
Nepali Movie – Dobato
Nepali Movie – Maryada
Nepali Movie – Trishul
Nepali Movie – Papi Manche (Rajesh Hamal, Nikhil, Sanchita, Karishma, Dilip)
Nepali Movie – Krishna
Nepali Movie – Chor Sipahi
Nepali Film – Pale Dai
Nepali Movie – Aama Ko Kakh
Nepali Movie – Dashgaja
Nepali Movie – Bish
Nepali Movie – Kanoon
Nepali Movie – Kartavya
Nepali Movie – Santaan
Nepali Movie – Bhagya Bidhata
Nepali movie – Shiva Shakti (Only description )

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