Movies of Jiwan Luitel

Actor Jiwan Luitel is known as one of the most popular actors in Nepali film industry these days. The movies of Jiwan Luitel available in xnepali:

Here is the list of full movies featuring Jiwan Luitel in xnepali:

Nepali Movie – Sukulgunda (Jiwan Luitel, Khusbu Khadka)
Nepali Movie – Radha (Jiwan Luitel, Sanchita Luitel)
Nepali Movie – Blackmail
Nepali Movie – Lakeside (Only description )
Nepali Movie – Tirkha (Jiwan Luitel, Poojana Pradhan, Nandita KC)
Nepali Movie – Refugee
Nepali Movie – Baazigar (2016)
Nepali Movie – Kafal Pakyo
Nepali Movie – Thuli
Nepali Movie – Jaun Hinda Pokhara
Neplai Movie – Kasam Hajurko
Nepali Movie – Bhool Bhulaiyaa
Nepali Movie – Stupid Man
Nepali movie – Mero Euta Sathi Chha
Nepali Movie – Nai Nabhannu La 2
Nepali Movie – Bindaas 2
Nepali Movie – Deep Shikha
Nepali Movie – Rhythm
Nepali Movie – Nasib Afno
Nepali Movie – Malati ko Bhatti
Nepali Movie – Sano Sansar (2008)

Profile of Jiwan Luitel

Jiwan is married to Anjali Luitel. They have two children – a daughter (Zara Luitel) and a son (Hridaan Luitel). Jiwan’s daughter was born on June 22, 2015. His son is a year and half older than the daughter (news of the birth of Jiwan’s son).

Jiwan Luitel was in the USA at the time of the earthquake of 2015. He returned back to support earthquake victims and he also participated in an event to burn Earthquake effigy to help children forget the dreadful incident. He also helped in constructing the temporary residences for the earthquake victims.

He has told that he will apply for the US green card from Nepal. Recently, actor Dilip Rayamajhi and actress Arunima Lamsal had applied from Nepal and received the US Green Card. Some of the most successful movies of Jiwan Luitel include ‘Sano Sansar’, ‘Nai Nabhannu La’, ‘Notebook’ and ‘Andaaz’.

Update on September 13, 2015

The actor celebrated his birthday on September 10, 2015. Former Mr. Nepal, Jiwan Luitel turned 34-yeras-old on the day. Actor Rajesh Hamal was also present in the birthday celebration.

Update on September 20, 2015

Actor Jiwan Luitel is the few actors with star value in the Nepali film industry. Here is the list of movies featuring Jiwan Luitel, posted in xnepali.

In addition to being a good actor, Jiwan Luitel also writes poems and prefers to tell them often in programs. Jiwan debuted in Alok Nembang’s movie ‘Sano Sansar’. Jiwan gained popularity after the song ‘Simpal simple kanchi …’ of ‘Andaaz’ and the title song of ‘Nai Nabhannu La’. After the success of the movies like ‘Notebook’ and ‘Malatiko Bhatti’, Jiwan has gained one of the top positions in the film industry.

About his interest in acting, Jiwan says that he had always been attracted towards acting. He always wished he could be as popular as the actors. When he won Mr. Nepal in 2002, the door to modeling opened to him. Unlike most of the actors in film industry, Jiwan didn’t do any theater or television work before entering film industry.

  • Name – Jiwan Luitel
  • Birthplace – Biratnagar
  • Birthday - September 10

During the shooting of ‘Deepsikha’ Jiwan broke his hand while jumping from the helicopter. He considers that the most sad moment in his career. The doctors had placed steel sheets in his hand to stabilize for healing.

jiwan luitel with kida sept 4 - 2015

A Sept 4, 2015 photo of Jiwan Luitel with his son Hridaan and daughter Zara.

Jiwan Luitel with his wife Anjali Luitel

Jiwan with other artists:

Jiwan with late actor Shree Krishna Shrestha in an undated photo.

Jiwan with Manisha Koirala in a 2012 photo

Jiwan Luitel with child artist Anubhav Regmi and Pranav Joshi, ‘Resham Filili’ director.

Jiwan Luitel watching Resham Filili with actor Vinay Shrestha.

Actors Dayahang Rai, Aryan Sigdel and Jiwan Luitel (left to right) during the celebration of Aryan’s birthday on August 5, 2015

Jiwan with actor and producer Ashok Sharma at the sets of the movie ‘Refuge’ (July 2015)

At the sets of ‘Refuge’ July 2015, with Nir Shah, Ashok Sharma, Uday Subba (director), Ashok Sharma (Left to right, siting), Jiwan Luitel, (I don’t know the person with Goatee beard), Rista Basnet,  Bipana Basnet (Left to right, standing)

Jiwan Luitel with disabled actor Sudarshan Gautam in his USA tour in April, 2015

Jiwan Luitel with actress Anu Shah at the sets of ‘Bajigar’ in June 2015.

Jiwan with Saroj Khanal and Suryamala Khanal during his US tour in December, 2014.

Jiwan with Neeta Dhungana during the shooting of a song of ‘Bhool Bhuliya’.

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