Rajesh Hamal Childhood photo

Here are some of the childhood memories of Nepali actor Rajesh Hamal. The superstar of Nepali film industry has always been cute and handsome. It seems, Rajesh was always a fan of long hair. In this ancient photo of Rajesh is seen with long hair. In the photo he seems to be stylist and fashion conscious even before he entered his teens.

rajesh hamal 1

It seems, the checkered shirt was one of his favorite shirt.  Although the shirt in the following photo is the same, Rajesh’s hair is a bit shorter.

In the following photo Rajesh seem to be in his late teens or twenties. His hair is pretty long.

The following is a very old family photo of Rajesh Hamal:

This childhood photo post is posted to supplement Rajesh Hamal’s biography and the list of the movies featuring the superstar of Nepali film industry.

Rajesh Hamal was born in Palpa in 1964. He spent his childhood and schooling in Russia as his father was working in the Nepalese Embassy there. He had also studied grade 8 in St. Xavier School.

Rajesh always wanted to get into fashion and acting. He had participated in fashion shows when studying in Chandigarh, India. But, his father was against his desire to become an actor. That was the reason the father-son relationship didn’t go well. Rajesh’s father died before Rajesh became a superstar of the Nepali film industry.

Rajesh is one of the most educated actors, and he had always tried to stay away from controversies. When gossips of all other actors and actress are commonplace in Nepali film industry, Rajesh had skillfully kept himself away from such rumors. Rajesh kept his affair with his wife Madhu Bhattarai for years before he revealed it himself. Rajesh and Madhu got married in 2014. (photo credit – Rajesh Hamal and Kathmanducraze)

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