Real Juice – worm found again

After much media cover on the problem with Dabur’s Real Juice in the past, reports of such inedible materials in the juice had stopped for some time. But, it seems they still haven’t rectified the problem. A user in Jhapa found dust and worm in Dabur Real Mango Nectar sold in Sony Kirana Pasal in Damak 11 (Near, Himsikhar TV). The expiry date of the juice was however two month earlier.


It is not clear if the problem occurred because of the expired product or it was tainted in the factory. Whatever may be the case, the government should take proper steps to investigate the issue and discourage the shopkeepers from selling expired pro

One thought on “Real Juice – worm found again

  1. This is so dirty drink. people earn moneyfor their fulfillment.this is all about money. i will say to other people to not to drink a this kinds of juice.

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