Real Worms in Real Juice

kathmandu-real-juice Last month, a consumer of Real Juice, Raju Adhikari, found suspicious material in a juice packet manufactured by Dabur Nepal in Kathmandu.

Sagarmatha TV was called and they took videos and photos of the juice.

The local people and journalists took the defective juice to the Department of Food Technology and Quality Control (DFTQC). The authorities at the government agency refused to do further investigation on it as the packet of the juice was already opened. DFTQC officials went to a nearby store, got a Real Juice packet, tested and gave clean-chit to Dabur. They didn’t care to go to the store, Raju bought the juice, and did the sampling. p>

These days, there are different reports about worms in the juice packets, from different parts of country. It is not known, if the government agency has taken any action to address the issue. (photos courtesy Nayapatrika)

8 thoughts on “Real Worms in Real Juice

  1. This fact that Real Juice manufactured in Nepal contains contaminated harmful stuffs. But our so called super here Mr. Rajesh Hamal is advertising in video and our electronic media is broadcasting it proudly to clinch few amount earned by the product, Real Juice manufacturers

    What a shameless Nepali intellectuals .

  2. mancherharu paisa kamauna arkako jyan samma jokhimma halchan,really same on that persons………….k huncha nepalko only god bless nepal!!!!!!!!

  3. please include link or information about ” different reports from different parts of country”. And what about me if I drank 50 liter packages of real juice a few years ago, as in; are they fruit or also human loving worms?

    • I have seen the reports in various newspapers. The one I remember is from Nayapatrika newspaper.
      I will try to find the links to the articles and post them.

  4. All the Readers,

    It’s really bad news for we all the ordinary people, If such news comes from the market how we general people could believe in quality our daily usable goods and assurance of the producer. If one saw such a picture of juice, that person can’t even imagine to take such a joice. If such condition happened then what the hell is govt. doing. I have humble request to each n every asal nagrik of Nepal to punish such a careless manufacturer….!

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