Miss Rajbanshi 2012 is Rebika Rajbanshi

Beauty contest among Rajbanshi beauties was held on December 8, 2012, in Biratnagar. In the event, Miss Rajbanshi 2012crown was awarded to Rebika Rajbanshi of Panchgachi, Jhapa.


In the contest, Sapana Rajbanshi was awarded the runner-up and Usha Rajbanshi was the second runner-up of the contest. The title winner received a cash prize of Rs. 25,000, the first runner-up received Rs. 15,000 and the second runner-up was awarded Rs. 10,000.

The beauty contest, organized by Social Organisation Of Rajbanshi Ab
roginies (SORA) is the second such contest. The 2011 edition of Miss Rajbanshi had awarded Radhika Rajbanshi the Miss Rajbanshi 2011 title.

Yeshodha Rajbanshi was awarded the Best Smile title, Best Catwalk was awarded to Kanchan Rajbanshi, Best Skin title to Sapana Rajbanshi, Best Figure was Divya Rajbanshi, Best Hair was Shilpa Rajbanshi, and Miss Photogenic was Sapana Rajbanshi. The judges of the contest were hair stylist Neel David, Harshika Shrestha, Uttam Banepali, Shivaram Rajbanshi, and Nagendra Rajbanshi. (credit – Badmasi)

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