Shrinkhala appreciated by all Ex-Miss Nepal – Nikita, Asmi, Ishani, Shristi, Malina

Miss Nepal 2018, Shrinkhala Khatiwada has made a new record in the Miss World beauty contest. Although the Beauty with a Purpose title was not to first for Nepal, Multimedia award was the first title to Nepal. Winning two titles in Miss World on the same day was another first in the Miss World contest. She will bring home more titles for sure:

I have compiled a list of saying of ex-Miss Nepal and their statements on the success of Miss Nepal in Miss World.

This is Miss Nepal 2017 Nikita Chandak’s statement about Shrinkhala’s success:

This is Miss Nepal 2016 Asmi Shrestha

This is Miss Nepal 2015 Evana Manandhar’s statement about Shrinkhala’s success:

This is Miss Nepal 2014 Subin Limbu is yet to tell about Shrinkhala’s success.

This is Miss Nepal 2013 Ishani Shrestha is really excited that Shrinkhala has become the second winner of Beauty with a Purpose after 2013 when Ishani won the award. Ishani’s short message is the best message I have seen so far from ex-Miss Nepal:

Miss Nepal 2012

Miss Nepal 2011

Miss Nepal 2010 Sadichha Shrestha is yet to give her views on Miss Nepal 2018 success in Miss World 2018.

I didn’t see any of the Miss Nepal prior to 2010 till 2004 notice Shrinkhala’s Success. Miss Nepal
2009 Zenisha Moktan, Miss Nepal 2007 Sitashma Chand, Miss Nepal 2005 Sugarika KC and Miss Nepal 2004 Payal Shakya didn’t write anything about Shrinkhala. But, Miss Nepal 2003 Priti Sitaula has been following the success of Shrinkhala. She has written twice about her:


and the third status :

She had previously given best wishes to Shrinkhala:

The Miss Nepal of 2002, Malvika Subba had been supporter of Shrinkhala from the beginning. She had been updating about her journey regularly. I will only share the last post of Malvika:

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