Rejina Upreti has become the newest mother in Nepali film industry

Actress Rejina Upreti has given birth to a daughter on the evening of November 21, 2016. The child was born by a c-section surgery. Both the child and mother are told to be healthy and recovering. The newborn was born at 7:12 PM and weighted 3.35 kg at birth.

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Who is Rejina Upreti ?

Actress Rejina Upreti was an actress and a producer of a movie ‘Bardaan’. The production however became a disaster. Her production partner lodged a complaint against Rejina (read details in nepaliactress). They later patched up.

Rejina started acting in a television serial by Laya Sangraula. Although she was featured in a role of a village girl in the serial, she later started taking off her clothes. She later became one of the most liberal actresses in terms of taking off her clothes in Nepali movie industry. She also went through various scandals and affairs. She was also linked with director Shovit Basnet.

She found her current husband Suraj Pokharel, a resident of UK and had an affair for a couple of years before finally deciding to get married. Rejina and Suraj married in February of 2014. After marriage, Rejina has stopped appearing in movies. The failure of her first production movie and the marriage are the reasons she has stopped appearing in movie. She however was frequently seen in the film industry programs.

The pregnancy of Rejina was unveiled after she shared the photos of baby shower.

I congratulate the new parents, Rejina and Suraj and wish them a very happy and fun-filled parenthood.

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