Rejina Upreti has become the newest mother in Nepali film industry

Actress Rejina Upreti has given birth to a daughter on the evening of November 21, 2016. The child was born by a c-section surgery. Both the child and mother are told to be healthy and recovering. The newborn was born at 7:12 PM and weighted 3.35 kg at birth.

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Who is Rejina Upreti ?

Actress Rejina Upreti was an actress and a producer of a movie ‘Bardaan’. The production however became a disaster. Her production partner lodged a complaint against Rejina (read details in nepaliactress). They later patched up.
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2014, the year of celebrity marriages

UPDATE on July 12 Five more marriages were held in July. We had talked about the three marriages at the end of this post. Two additional marriages include that of Sweta Bhattarai, Prakriti Shrestha. Mithila Sharma married Motilal Bohara in an un-announced event among close friends only. Sweta Khadka marries Shree Krishna Shrestha and Diya Maskey marries Anup Baral in public functions, Sweta Bhattarai marries Milan Sapkota secretly and  another unannounced marriage was that of Prakriti Shrestha and Sudeep Neupane.

UPDATE on June 27 Richa Singh Thakuri married to an Australian NRN, Gajendra Thapa, on Ashad 6 (June 20). The news about their marriage was released a few weeks earlier.

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It seems, the year 2014 is going to the year of celebrity marriages. It started with actress Bhawana Regmi marrying in January. The celebrity marriages, so far in 2014, are:

Bhawana Regmi marriage

The daughter of late director Shiva Regmi got married in January, a month after her father’s death. The marriage of ‘So Simple’ actress was a low profile marriage in family mourning the death of her father.

bhawana regmi

Shankar BC and Nisha Sunar marriage

We don’t know the exact date of this marriage between choreographer and dancer Shankar BC and singer Nisha Sunar. The couple shared their secret marriage photo in February 2014 right after Nisha went to USA. In the USA, Nisha also gave birth to a child within a month of the marriage announcement. Shankar has a family of his own in Nepal and it was the third marriage of Nisha.

The marriage doesn’t make much as Shankar is living in Nepal and Nisha living in USA. A month after the birth of the child, Nisha has started working in a restaurant in the USA.

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Rejina Upreti got married to Suraj Pokharel

Actress Rejina Upreti got married to Suraj Pokharel in a formal event held in Kathmandu on Saturday February 22. Suraj and Rejina had recently arrived from UK to get married in Nepal. After the marriage they are going back to live in London. If things go as planned, Rejina won’t be seen in any new Nepali movies.

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Rejina Upreti to get married to her boyfriend Suraj Pokharel

Actress Rejina Upreti is getting married to her long time boyfriend Suraj Pokharel on February 22 in Kathmandu.

It has been some time since the relationship between UK resident boyfriend of Rejina Upreti, Suraj Pokharel. Last year, they were supposed to get married while Rejina was in UK to show her movie ‘Bardaan’ but, she returned back to Nepal without getting married.

Now, Rejina has confirmed the marriage of the two by distributing the marriage invitation card. After two weeks of the marriage Rejina and Suraj will return back to London. After getting married Rejina is expected to stop acting and start a beauty parlor business.

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Rejina Upreti didn’t get married, returned back to Nepal

It was widely expected that Nepali actress Rejina Upreti will get married to her boyfriend Suraj Pokharel in the UK and permanently live there. But it seems, things didn’t go as planned, Rejina is returning back after three-months-long stay in the UK.

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Rejina Upreti to romance in London during Dashain

Nepali actress Rejina Upreti is planning to go to London to celebrate Dashain. Usually Nepali in foreign countries return back to Nepal on the biggest Nepali festival, but this beautiful actress is planning the opposite – leaving Nepal to celebrate Dashain. In London, in addition to meeting her boyfriend Suraj Pokharel, she will also premier her upcoming movie ‘Bardan’ for the Nepali viewers living in London.

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