Heart touching love story of Hari Bamsha towards his wife Ramila

It has been about four and a half years since Hari Bamsha Acharya and Ramila Pathak have married. Both Hari Bamsha Acharya and Ramila’s life partners had died before. It has been 15 years since Ramila’s previous husband had died of brain haemorrhage. Hari Bamsha’s previous wife, Meera Acharya had died in 2011.

A video on what Hari Bamsha says about his love to his previous wife and the current wife.

Who is Hari Bamsha Acharya ?

A comedy actor Hari Bamsha Acharya is also a writer and a social activists. One of the MaHa duo, Acharya has written his autobiography ‘China Harayeko Manchhe’ which became on of the best selling book in Nepal. He is currently writing script of a movie and a novel. The novel is told to be in its final stage of publishing.

Hari Bamsha married Meera Acharya, a radio journalist, in 2040 BS. Hari Bamsha and Meera gave birth to two sons – Trilok Acharya and Mohit Bamsha Acharya. Trilok is a software engineer and is working at Google in the USA. Mohit is in Kathmandu running his own business – a restaurant.

Meera was a heart patient who died of a stroke on April 20, 2011. After Meera’s death Hari Bamsha went into a long mourning and depression. He stopped working and locked himself up. Because of his condition, his sons and family member started convincing him to get married again. A year after Meera’s death, in 2012 Hari Bamsha married a widow, Ramila Pathak. After the marriage, things started to get better and Hari Bamsha started having a normal life.

Some of the movies Hari Bamsha is featured in are Lovipapi, Filim, Rajamati, Silu, Balidaan, Je Bho Ramrai Bho, and Tan Ta Sarhai Bigrish ni Badri. In the video above, Hari Bamsha has told that he used the profits of the superhit movie “Tan Ta Sarhai Bigrish ni Badri” to buy land in Naya Bazar. He is currently living in the house built on the land.


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