Rekha Thapa US plans

Rekha left for New York, USA on January 23 on a 6:00PM flight via Abu Dhabi transit (as reported earlier). Rekha told that she had stamped the visa earlier and had also purchased the ticket. But, the decision to go on that date was finalized on Tuesday night.

rekha thapa - latest shot

Talking to Samacharpatra, Rekha Thapa told that, she was free for ten days and she wanted to make use of the time by going to the USA. Rekha had previously scheduled the shooting in the US on February 16. She wanted to see what USA looks like and spend some time there before the shooting of the movie ‘A for America’. The director of the movie, Narayan Puri is planning to fly on February 4. Another actor in the movie, Santosh Pant is already in the USA.

While in USA Rekha will participate in cultural program in New York. She also expects to screen two of her latest movies ‘Lanka’ and ‘Rawan’ in theaters for Nepali people residing in the city.

In addition to the stage program and movie shows, Rekha will also participate as a guest in the anniversary of Nepali newspaper, Bishow Sandesh. On February 9 Rekha is scheduled to fly to Malaysia. After spending a week in Malaysia Rekha will return back to the USA to finish the shooting of the movie. Rekha told that the shooting is scheduled to finish in two days. After that, she is planning to return Nepal by the end of February.

When asked about her desire to apply for Green Card, as done by many Nepali artists, Rekha told that she has no plans to stay in the USA.