Rekha Thapa’s Goddess movies confusing viewers

Actress Rekha Thapa’s upcoming movie ‘Kali’ is currently in floor. Rekha has shared some photos from the shooting and it seems her role is confusing in lights of her past movies. 

In the past few movies, Rekha Thapa has been featured in similar roles. The female oriented movies are named similar and confusing – ‘Kali’ is currently in production and ‘Durga’, ‘Rawan’ and ‘Lanka’ are already released. Although Rekha has told that her roles in these movies are different, she looks same (in police uniform) in ‘Lanka’ and ‘Kali’ (see the photo below).

rekha in kali and lanka

It is everybody’s guess that Rekha will be featured as a Kali goddess in the movie named ‘Kali’. But, the following photo showing Rekha as Goddess Kali is NOT from her movie ‘Kali’ but from ‘Lanka’.

Rekha likes being featured as a goddess. And, she was featured as the Goddess Durga as shown in following photo. If you thought the Durga role is from movie ‘Durga’ you are wrong: it is actually from her movie ‘Rawan’.

We hope, Rekha will realize the confusion we face and promote ‘Kali’ accordingly.

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