Resh Marahatta got engaged to Asmi Adhikari, Yama Buddha sister

Actor and producer Resh Marahatta has got engaged to Asmi Adhikari in an event organized on April 11, 2015. The lovers of the last three years, Asmi and Resh exchanged rings in the family gathering held at Hotal Himalaya.

resh marahatta and asmi adhikari engagement photo

According to report, Asmi is going to the USA to start her studies towards a PhD degree in Genetics. 24-years-old Asmi is the youngest singer of popular rap singer Yama Buddha (Anil Adhikari). Asmi had completed her Masters degree in Sikkim University. 

Although Asmi and Resh are engaged, the wedding date is yet to be fixed. xNepali team congratulates Asmi and Resh for the engagement and wish them a long and healthy relationship. (Photo credit nagarik)

Resh Marahatta debuted with actor Nikhil Upreti in the hit film ‘Pinjada’ (watch ‘Pinjada’ here).

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