Resham Filili, official video of Jalama delayed

The popular song of upcoming movie ‘Resham Filili’ titled ‘Jalama …’ has received unprecedented response from the audience. The song is so popular that numerous covers, music videos and re-recordings have surfaced online. The film makers had only released the audio and haven’t released the video yet. May be because of the popularity, they have decided not to release the video until the release of the movie.

One music video made on the song by Australian dancers have gone viral and received positive reviews. Now the film makers have a challenge to make a better video to such a popular song. May be because of that risk they have decided to delay the release of the video. International fashion designer Prabal Gurung had also tweeted the video link to the ‘Jalama … ‘ dance.

prabal gurung tweets resham filili dance

Watch the music video:


The character posters of the movie was recently released features actors Vinay Shrestha as Resham, Menuka Pradhan as Sunita, Kameshwor Chaurasiya as Hariya, Sishir Bangedl as Dorje Don, Aushtosh Shrestha as Chyarkhaa and and Karma as Bryan. Resham is featured as a typical Nepali who is cheated by foreign employment manpower companies, Sunita is a strong tomboy characther, Bryan is an actor, Dorje Don is a gangster and Chyarkhaa is a bully.

The movie directed by Pranab Joshi is scheduled to release on April 24.

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