Richa Ghimire marriage (Update – photos)

richa ghimire Richa Ghimire, actress, is going tie her knots with Shankar Ghimire, film director, today. They had been busy for the last few days, preparing for the marriage.

Richa would have been happy enough by ‘court marriage’ but her family and Shankar insisted in doing it in a more traditional fashion. Richa had a mehendi ceremony in which her friends and family applied mehendi on her hands and feet. Applying mehendi is an Indian tradition and it has encroached Nepali society in recent days.

In the ceremony, actresses Ranjana Sharma and Sushma Karki danced non-stop for about two hours. Then Arunima Lamsal, Sanchita Luintel, Rejina Upreti, Una Upreti joined in the dance.

Shankar and Richa will get married this Friday and the marriage ceremony will finish with a reception at Hotel Hyatt on Sunday.

We wish a very happy married life of Richa Ghimire and Shankar Ghimire.

Update: More photos from her mehendi ceremony are as follows (photo credits:Nagariknews)

Marriage photos follow:

Richa and Shankar dancing in the marriage ceremony.

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  1. thank you richha g tapailai dharai dharai dhayabad chha arule ta thaha napai bibaha garchhan tara tapaile ta sabaile thaha paune gari ta bibaha garnu bhao

  2. Hello sister i am bhagi ghimire from australia but i lived in nepal before you are and my sur name was same hai ta bye see u again soon if its possibale

  3. hai good to see u all guys have great marriege with all of i need to look u for real so take care byeeeee…………see u soon hai all………

  4. I wish a very happy married life of Richa Ghimire and Shankar Ghimire
    Aru nayika ko jasto chhin chhin mai chhutine jodine nahos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All the Best………………………..

  5. congratulation to richa n shankar vai k ho nepal ko nayika haru ko sadhai yestai ho bibaha ta film director producer sanga matra hunchha ali ali dj sanga pani hudai6 rooms ma k nepali heroin pauna lai nai yo kam suru garinchha ok anyway richa lai attii satayeko thiyo baisale thik 6

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