Desperate to get roles in movies ?

Sugam Sharma Among rumors of wide-spread sex exploitation in Nepali film industry, new (to-be)actresses are announcing their ‘bold’ intentions. These new actresses are desperate to get a role in movies. These new actresses are unsure of their talents and want to succeed based on body exposure.

The 18-year-old beauty Sugam Sharma has come to Kathmandu from Chitawan with a dream to be a film actress. Sugam claims that she is very good in dancing and she had own numerous prizes in school competition. She has done some modeling and music videos in Chitawan. She also told that she is willing to “expose as much as the story demands”.

If she is so good at dancing and acting what is the need of telling that she can expose as much as the story demands? (source)

I posted about another to-be actress some time back. But, all I heard of Tejula Khatiwada was : she was telling that she will do ‘anything’ in movies. She told that she can’t stop working based on such sex exploitation rumors. That’s it! I haven’t heard of her working in any movies either.

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