Richa Singh Thakuri lackluster comeback and questionable future

Two of actress Richa Singh Thakuri‘s movies were released in consecutive weeks. A couple of weeks earlier, ‘Maya Gara La’ featuring Richa in lead role was released and this week, ‘Khudkilo’ was released.

richa singh thakuri

‘Maya Gara La’ proved to be another loss-making Nepali movie and ‘Khudkilo’ is going destined to similar performance in theater. That means, Richa’s future in Nepali film industry is not as bright as one might expect.

Richa came in limelight when her movies ‘Nai Nabhannu La’ and ‘Ma Timro Bhaisake’ became successful. Currently Richa doesn’t have any movies in hand.

In our previous report, we posted about Richa’s profession as a dancer in Dubai. That was the reason told for her absence from the Nepali film industry.

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