RP Bhattarai, Lajalam remembered on 12th day of his death

The comedy actor, RP Bhattarai, popularly known as Lajalam after his character in ‘Tito Satya’, had died on December 9, 2016. On the 12th day of his death, Nepali artists gathered at Pragya Bhawan to pay tribute to him. At the program, various artists talked about Bhattarai and remembered the time they had spent with him. A video report on what the participants told about Lajalam:

During the event, Deepa Shree Niraula cried and remembered how she used to scold RP Bhattarai. She wished she hadn’t scolded him that much. She remembered how helpful he used to be and how she suggested him not to eat much.

Ma of MaHa comedy duo, Madan Krishna Shrestha, also expressed his sadness on the untimely demise of one of the popular comedy actors. RP’s friend Narad Khatiwada also remembered the fun time he used to have with Lajalam. He also told some jokes but it was not a funny event to laugh at jokes.
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A life full of struggle, Remembering RP Bhattarai, Lajalam

The comedy actor popularly known for his dialogue “Lajalam ho mero naam. Engineer mero kaam,” has left the world on Friday. The untimely death came as a shock without warning. Bhattarai was allright a day before and was found dead in the morning in his room in Biratnagar. More details of the death here.

I am going to take a look into his life on his own saying before his death. The following video presents RP Bhattarai’s life story in his own words. He has talked in details about how he met his wife and how she helped him in his difficult days.

RP Bhattarai life story (summary)

  • RP Bhattarai grew up in Biratnagar. He was active politically and was a tough guy.
  • He was doing his intermediate in Law when he met his wife Saru for the first time.
  • He fell in love in the first sight and started following her. He married Saru in a hurry.
  • Bhattarai to start a business in Biratnagar failed and he left Biratnagar to move to Kathmandu
  • In Kathmandu they started a retail shop and sold to start a trucking business.
  • The trucking business failed and left him with a lot of debt.
  • Saru started a small tea shop – all by herself. RP Bhattarai also helped her in later days.
  • They built up the tea shop and sold for a profit.
  • The video also talks a lot about Bhattarai as an actor.
  • After a very tough struggle, RP Bhattarai got chance in television serials.
  • Being fat was a blessing for him – to get job as a comedy actor.
  • But, that same blessing was a curse that took his life.
  • After much struggle, when it was time to reap the benefit of his struggle, Lajalam, left the world.

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Very sad news – RP Bhattarai, Lajalam of Tito Satya has died

The comedy actor popularly known as ‘Lajalam’ of the popular comedy serial ‘Tito Staya’ has died on December 9, 2016. 45 years old comedian has also actress in a number of comedy serials in television.

Video report:

The overweight actor is known for his dialogue, “Lajalam ho mero naam. Engineer mero kaam.” According to Deepak Raj Giri of ‘Tito Satya’ he used to be worried of being overweight. He was suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes.
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Nepali Comedy – Mitho Satya

mitho satyaComedy telefilm – Mitho Satya
StarringDeepak Raj Giri, Deepa Shree Niraula, Keki Adhikari, Shiva Shankar Rijal, Santosh Khanal, RP Bhattarai etc.
Assistant Director – Deepa Shree Niraula
Dialogue, script and director – Deepak Raj Giri

“Mitho Satya” is a telefilm by USAID’s Nepal Family Health Program II. The telefilm made by Deepak Raj Giri and his team, is filled with comedy and important health messages on family planning, mother and child survival issues.

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