Sabina Karki and Soniya Sharma go sober in ‘Chhal’

The controversial actresses from the banned movie ‘ATM‘ Sabina Karki and Sonia Sharma are being featured in director Shiva Ghimire’s upcoming movie ‘Chhal’. Popular for delivering vulgar dialogues and hot scenes in ‘ATM’ three actresses of the movie Sabina, Soniya and Jiya KC were highly criticized. Although Sabina and Soniya have learnt the lesson from ATM, Jiya is going in the same path of showcasing her body instead of her acting talent.

sabina karki

In their roles in ‘Chhal’ Soniya and Sabina are likely to be featured in sober roles. The movie is made on clashes between two gangs in a city and Sabina is featured as one of the gang leaders.

The action movie produced by Bhuwan Bhujel is being shot in Sindhuli, Janakpur and Chure area. The movie features music of Bikash Chaudhari, script of Prem Karki and Sanjog Rana.  In addition to Sabina and Soniya, the movie also features Prajjwal Giri, Sanjog Rana and Shyam Magar in main roles.

During the shooting of ‘ATM’ Sabina and Jiya KC were considered very close friends. They were even rumored to be lesbian couple at that time. But, after the completion of ‘ATM’ their relationship broke and they don’t even talk these days. After that, Sabina Karki has decided to sober roles while, Jiya KC has taken the opposite path of offering her body to whatever roles she gets. Jiya has told that her upcoming movies ‘Barbad’ to be hotter than ‘ATM’.

Now, it is to be seen who will be more successful – the hot Jiya KC or the not-so-hot Sabina Karaki.

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