Nepali Movie – Chhal

chhal-nepali-movie-nameNepali Movie – Chhal
Starring – Prajwol Giri, Sanjog Rana, Soniya Giri (Sharma), Sabina Karki, Isha Gutam, Kabisha Shrestha etc.
Director – Shiva Ji

About ‘Chhal’

Nepali movie ‘Chhal’ is a presentation of Santosh Kunwar for Karuna Films. The movie produced by Hari Kunwar and Devi Bahadur Talangi features the story of Prem Karki, screenplay and dialogue by Sanjog Rana. The music composers are Ganesh Chaudhary and Rajendra Shrestha, lyrics by Dayaram Pandey, Dil Krishna Shrestha and Gayatri Didi. The choreographers of the songs are Ajay Syantang, Bikram Gurung and Ishwor Balla Upreti. The action is directed by Shankar Maharjan, editing by Tara Thapa and mixing by Kiran Adhikari.

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Friday Release – Chhal

There hadn’t been much publicity of the movie released on Friday, January 22, 2016. The action movie ‘Chhal’ is directed by Shiva Pariyar. Most of the artists in the movie are new. Prajwal Giri, Sanjog Rana, Soniya Giri, Sabina Karki, Kabisha Shrestha and Shree Dev Bhattarai are the leading actors of the movie.

fridya release Chhal nepali movie

The movie ‘Chhal’ is made by the team that produced ‘Loot Company’ (Watch ‘Loot Company’ here). The shooting of the movie had started two years ago took a long time to complete.

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Sabina Karki and Soniya Sharma go sober in ‘Chhal’

The controversial actresses from the banned movie ‘ATM‘ Sabina Karki and Sonia Sharma are being featured in director Shiva Ghimire’s upcoming movie ‘Chhal’. Popular for delivering vulgar dialogues and hot scenes in ‘ATM’ three actresses of the movie Sabina, Soniya and Jiya KC were highly criticized. Although Sabina and Soniya have learnt the lesson from ATM, Jiya is going in the same path of showcasing her body instead of her acting talent.

sabina karki

In their roles in ‘Chhal’ Soniya and Sabina are likely to be featured in sober roles. The movie is made on clashes between two gangs in a city and Sabina is featured as one of the gang leaders.

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