Sahana Bajracharya and Suraj Giri protest media report

In a media report first runner up of Miss Nepal 2010, and Miss Nepal Earth 2010 Sahana Bajracharya, was accused of having sex in a car with her coworker at Kantipur TV, Suraj Giri. In a report published in ‘Sanghu’ Weekly, police officer in Chitwan was cited as the news source. But, Sahana and Suraj have jointly released a statement that the information published in the newspaper is baseless and it was aimed to defame their character.

sahana and suraj

Posting the statement, Sahana wrote, "This is my and friend Suraj Giri’s official press statement. I am agitated and very hurt about the baseless reports that went viral yesterday! Most media went on to over-publicize it without following even the basics of media ethics. If the police caught us, couldn’t anyone at least ask the police about what happened?"

sahana bajracharya and suraj Giri statement

Sahana also questioned the media’s direction and carelessness. She also says that the "’guilty must be punished."

About her resignation from Kantipur TV, she also added, "I hereby announce that my self- resignation has been withdrawn and I’m looking forward to being back on Kantipur Tv soon!"

Sahana said that a minor incident was deliberately sensationalized to make a scandal. It was related to the incident that occurred on July 28 when Sahana and Suraj Giri were returning to Kathmandu after finishing the official work in Chitwan.

She said, the police had arrived when they were replacing the spare tires of their car. She said, Suraj Giri had taken a little drink and the police thought that wasn’t acceptable. So, he was fined RS. 1,000 on charges of driving under influence and was released. Kantipur TV director Bhusan Dahal had also told that they were not relieved of duties. Sahana Bajracharya had represented Nepal in the Miss Asia Pacific World 2011, held in South Korea and also Miss Earth 2010 contest.

We at xnepali believe, the language in the statement could have been made more convincing, given both Sahana and Suraj are well known media person.

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  1. Sahana Bajracharya Few days back my wall was full of foul words and hatred for fabricated story which convinced majority.That incident showed me true well wishers. And today there are birthday wishes!
    Strange word!

    Ho sahana ji , hijo tyei lovely people le aja yo thau ma tapai puryayo support garyo. Aja tyei public strange lagdaicha.
    10 jana le apasapda boleka thie bhane 10 jana le privacy support garnu pani bhaneka thie.
    Tara tapaiko lagi lagi public bhanekai tyei 10 jana apasapda bolne matra raicha.
    Bhaninchani , phool ko aankha ma phoolai sansaar.
    Samachar jhutho ho ya galat thaha bhayena, manche tapai chahi theek hunuhunna raicha.

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