Sahana Bajracharya and Suraj Giri arrested, again

In a report in an online media the mode and VJ Sahana Bajracharya and her friend VJ Suraj Giri have been arrested by the police. According to the Police Crime Division Sahana and Suraj were accused of foul mouthing and threatening Harshabardhan Sahani. They were arrested after Harshabardhan lodged a complaint of threat to his life.

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sahana and suraj giri

According to the police, they are arrested inquiry. After initial investigation, the Crime branch has asked the Mahanagar Police Office to investigate and take legal action.

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Sahana Bajracharya and Suraj Giri protest media report

In a media report first runner up of Miss Nepal 2010, and Miss Nepal Earth 2010 Sahana Bajracharya, was accused of having sex in a car with her coworker at Kantipur TV, Suraj Giri. In a report published in ‘Sanghu’ Weekly, police officer in Chitwan was cited as the news source. But, Sahana and Suraj have jointly released a statement that the information published in the newspaper is baseless and it was aimed to defame their character.

sahana and suraj

Posting the statement, Sahana wrote, "This is my and friend Suraj Giri’s official press statement. I am agitated and very hurt about the baseless reports that went viral yesterday! Most media went on to over-publicize it without following even the basics of media ethics. If the police caught us, couldn’t anyone at least ask the police about what happened?"

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Sahana Bajrachary and Suraj Giri found making it out in a car

UPDATE – Suraj and Sahana Bajracharya have released a joint statement telling that this report is not true.

Kantipur VJ duo Sahana Bajracharya and Suraj Giri were reportedly found interlocked inside Suraj’s private car in Chitwan. According to a report in Sanghu weekly, they were having fun in the car at around 3:00 AM when police spotted the shaking car. When they looked inside, they found Sahana and Suraj in near naked state.

sahana bajracharya and suraj giri 2

When Sahana and Suraj told that they were Kantipur journalists, the police left them alone. The police officers had reportedly called the news chief Tirtha Koirala and Bhushan Dahal to confirm they were journalists.

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