Sahana Bajrachary and Suraj Giri found making it out in a car

UPDATE – Suraj and Sahana Bajracharya have released a joint statement telling that this report is not true.

Kantipur VJ duo Sahana Bajracharya and Suraj Giri were reportedly found interlocked inside Suraj’s private car in Chitwan. According to a report in Sanghu weekly, they were having fun in the car at around 3:00 AM when police spotted the shaking car. When they looked inside, they found Sahana and Suraj in near naked state.

sahana bajracharya and suraj giri 2

When Sahana and Suraj told that they were Kantipur journalists, the police left them alone. The police officers had reportedly called the news chief Tirtha Koirala and Bhushan Dahal to confirm they were journalists.

Sahana and Suraj are well known VJs who run popular programs like Call Kantipur and Frame by Frame. Both Sahana and Suraj have reportedly left Kantipur TV over the issue.

In a message in Facebook, Sahana has told, “I shall be back on television soon with a Bang!” and Suraj has also stated Kantipur TV as his ‘past’ employee in his Facebook profile.

6 thoughts on “Sahana Bajrachary and Suraj Giri found making it out in a car

  1. yo news prati kunai pani prakarko opinion rakhne position i think kasaiko chhaina! but the fact that its being circulated and the way its being circulated is highly inappropriate. The use of the tabooed issue in my opinion was to tarnish their reputation and directly harm their career. yo news satya hos ya nahos yess prakarle use hunu galat ho. ITS AN OUT AND OUT YELLOW JOURNALISM. I think there are more serious issues. kunai fashion magazine le paparazzi le news publish garnu ali pachaune kisimko kaam hunthyo hola but national dailies le publish garnu ani prasaran garnu misuse of power and authority ho. We want truth and a meaningful news. I support Sahana and Suraj. They are being wronged. No one has the right to point at them and say they did wrong.

  2. Jasari dill shova ko charitra hatya garne mukhunde patrakarle gareko prachar jasari galat sabit vayo tyasai gari yo samachar pani galat pramanit garera sambandit suraj ra sahana le mukhunde patrakarharu ko mukundo utarne kaam garnechan.

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