Two different types of lovers – Khusbu Oli and Sweta Khadka

Two celebrities lost their sweethearts in the last week. Model and Miss Teen 2006 Khusbu Oli lost her don boyfriend Dinesh Adhikari ‘Chari’ and actress Sweta Khadka lost her actor husband of a month, Shree Krishna Shrestha. Both were sad after the death of their sweetheart but, the magnitude of sadness in them is quite different.

Let’s compare the above photos of Sweta Khadka on the cremation day of Shree Krishna Shrestha with Khusbu’s following photos during an interview with Nagarik news:

Khusbu’s anger has over taken the sadness and she she was fighting for the ‘injustice’. Sweta in the other hand was helpless and had to accept the fate.

The don killed by the police, Chari is still in the hospital waiting for justice and his girlfriend has told that she is sad but, her body language doesn’t show that.

Please comment why these two lovers show different emotions?

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  1. Bhukamp ma hamro dherai nepali nagrik haru mareko ma hami lae ak damai dukh chh yo bhukamp kin nepal target rakher matr aae rah ko chh yele kin hami nepali lae matr uthal puthal gareko ho yo bhukamp n aaune kunai upay apnaun lae baigyanik lae aagrh gard chhu .hami le bhukamp lae thah paun ko lagi vadoma pani rakher harchhu ke yo upay dhik ho ki

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