Samriddhi Rai – Miss Personality, Miss Toursim Queen International 2011

UPDATE: More photos added at the end.

Nepali beauty Samriddhi Rai who represented Nepal in the Miss Tourism Queen International 2011 held in China, was successful in winning a Miss Personality title.

Although, it might not be a greatest feat for others, for Nepal it is no less than winning the contest title. That is because, in most of the contests Nepali models participate, they don’t win anything and none have won a contest title till date. So, we should congratulate Samriddhi for making us proud by bringing in something.

Yes, she looked gorgeous in blue bikini!!

Samriddhi_Rai_tourism_queen_2011 (5)

Samriddhi_Rai_tourism_queen_2011 (7)

She also looked great in a dhaka skirt in the National Custom Round:

Samriddhi_Rai_tourism_queen_2011 (1)

Final result of Miss Tourism Queen International 2011 is:

  • Title Winner – Thailand (Kantapat Peeradachainarin)
  • 2nd place – Fernando De Noronha (Jeanine Castro)
  • 3rd place – Belarus (Mariia Ovechkina
  • 4th place – China North (Wang Lu)
  • 5th place – Tanzania (Nelly Almas)

Photo source – Facebook

Samriddhi_Rai_tourism_queen_2011 _miss_personality (1)

Samriddhi_Rai_tourism_queen_2011 _miss_personality (5)

Samriddhi_Rai_tourism_queen_2011 _miss_personality (24)

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  1. All the best for the days ahead. Its hard to get that honour and even harder to maintain it. We hope we do not hear any scandal in future. Congrats!!!

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