Police investigating Miss Press Princess Samriddhi Rai’s Facebook hacker

Nepali beauty Samriddhi Rai was awarded Miss Press Princess in the Miss Tourism Queen Asia contest held in China. At the time she was preparing for the big day, her Facebook account was hacked. As if, that wasn’t enough, a Facebook page was also created to spread hate messages during the time.

After she returned back winning the Miss Press Princess title, she found that the hacker was one among her friend’s circle. In a Facebook message Samriddhi said that she captured the laptop from where all the updates were being done. The after finding out the truth there was a clash between Samriddhi’s friends and the hackers. Samriddhi told that one of her friend was physically attacked and she was verbally attacked. When things were out of her control she had called the police to help in the issue.

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Samriddhi Rai – Miss Personality, Miss Toursim Queen International 2011

UPDATE: More photos added at the end.

Nepali beauty Samriddhi Rai who represented Nepal in the Miss Tourism Queen International 2011 held in China, was successful in winning a Miss Personality title.

Although, it might not be a greatest feat for others, for Nepal it is no less than winning the contest title. That is because, in most of the contests Nepali models participate, they don’t win anything and none have won a contest title till date. So, we should congratulate Samriddhi for making us proud by bringing in something.

Yes, she looked gorgeous in blue bikini!!

She also looked great in a dhaka skirt in the National Custom Round:

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Samriddhi Rai representing Nepal in Miss Tourism Queen International 2011

UPDATE:  Samriddhi Rai was awarded Miss Personality in the Miss Toursim Queen International 2011. Click here for more photos of Samriddhi receiving the title.

Nepali beauty Samriddhi Rai is representing Nepal in Miss Tourism Queen International 2011, being held in China. Winner of online voting will be able to participate in the semifinal. If you want Samriddhi, you can also help her by voting online (it costs money to vote).  **Vote here.** (Voting closes soon on the 26th December 2011, at 1700 Hour GMT +08:00)

Here are some stunning shots of Samriddhi from China:

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