Chinese Ambasador Nepali dance on the Women’s Day, 2019 (Video)

Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Hou Yanqi performs in a Nepali song to mark Women’s Day – March 8, 2019. She wore Nepali dress and danced to a Nepali song ‘Chari Jastai Udna Paye…..’


To mark the 109th International Women Day, the programs was held in the capital on March 8. The event was inaugurated by Minister for Women, Children and Senior Citizens Tham Maya Thapa, the program was organized by Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu on Friday.

The song was chosen tp matches with the theme of the International Women’s Day 2019: Think equal, build smart, innovate for change.

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When Bishow Basnet and Minakshi spoke Chinese – Nepali movie Sindoor in Chinese TV

A Chinese TV station, XZTV, has broadcasted a Nepali movie ‘Sindoor’ in Chinese language. This is the first time a Nepali movie has been broadcasted in the Chinese television. The movie was telecasted on January 8, 2017 at 9 PM Nepali time. The television station had purchased the broadcasting right to show it in its station.

The 1980 Nepali movie by director Prakash Thapa was dubbed into Chinese language for the Chinese TV. The movie ‘Sindoor’ was produced by the government of Nepal under Royal Nepal Film Corporation.
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Miss Nepal Shristi – top 40 in Beach Beauty

Miss Nepal Shristi Shrestha has managed to secured herself in the top 40 list of ‘Beach Beauty’ contest held in the Miss World contest being held in China.

In another category of ‘Multimedia Award’ based on the votes in her personal page in Facebook, Shristi is in the second position with more than 114,000 likes.

Video controversy:

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Samriddhi Rai – Miss Personality, Miss Toursim Queen International 2011

UPDATE: More photos added at the end.

Nepali beauty Samriddhi Rai who represented Nepal in the Miss Tourism Queen International 2011 held in China, was successful in winning a Miss Personality title.

Although, it might not be a greatest feat for others, for Nepal it is no less than winning the contest title. That is because, in most of the contests Nepali models participate, they don’t win anything and none have won a contest title till date. So, we should congratulate Samriddhi for making us proud by bringing in something.

Yes, she looked gorgeous in blue bikini!!

She also looked great in a dhaka skirt in the National Custom Round:

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Samriddhi Rai representing Nepal in Miss Tourism Queen International 2011

UPDATE:  Samriddhi Rai was awarded Miss Personality in the Miss Toursim Queen International 2011. Click here for more photos of Samriddhi receiving the title.

Nepali beauty Samriddhi Rai is representing Nepal in Miss Tourism Queen International 2011, being held in China. Winner of online voting will be able to participate in the semifinal. If you want Samriddhi, you can also help her by voting online (it costs money to vote).  **Vote here.** (Voting closes soon on the 26th December 2011, at 1700 Hour GMT +08:00)

Here are some stunning shots of Samriddhi from China:

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WikiLeaks down in US and Europe, Sarah Palin wants US to hunt Assange like Osama bin Laden

WikiLeaks website couldn’t be opened in the US and Europe today. WikiLeaks official said that the site was under a forceful internet-based attack causing site to be inaccessible to the users in U.S. and Europe. A British newspaper, Dailymail, reports that the current attack is most likely coming from China. Earlier, it was reported that China has blocked the website within the country.

Various political leaders have wished to punish the 39 year-old founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange for releasing the confidential diplomatic documents.

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Canadian PM advisor wants WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange killed

WikiLeaks has created a ripple in the diplomatic circle all around the world and China has already blocked the website. Now, a Canadian politician wanted the founder of the website, Julian Assange, dead.

In an interview with CBC news, an adviser to Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, Prof Tom Flanagan, said, “I think Assange should be assassinated actually … There is no good coming of this.”

A t the end
of the interview, Prof Flangan added, “I wouldn’t feel unhappy if Assange disappeared.”

Interpol has issued a “Red Notice” alert for Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, in relation to two rape charges issued by Swedish police.

The 39 year-old Julian Assange, is already facing legal problems on an unrelated case. Interpol has issued "Red Notice" alert for him in charge of two rape charges issued by Swedish police.

Will Nepal government block WikiLeaks? China has !

The WikiLeaks website was blocked in China on Wednesday in an attempt to save face to during the potentially embarrassing situation when the leaked U.S. diplomatic cables will be posted in the site. Now, WikiLeaks has joined the wide range of Western websites including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Some of the cables related to China are  told to contain communications stating –

  • China’s Politburo directed a cyber intrusion into Google’s computer systems…
  • Chinese diplomat quoted describing North Korea as a "spoiled child" …
  • North Korea’s communist regime would likely collapse within three years of the death of ruler Kim Jong Il
  • Chinese leaders were prepared to accept South Korea’s eventual rule

Little is known about what is there in case of Nepal. I wonder if the Nepal government wants to block the website in Nepal.

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Miss World Swimsuit and Miss World Sports declared

In the 60th Miss World beauty pageant being held in Sanya, China, Miss Sweden was awarded the Miss World Sports, held at Cima Luhuitou Park, Sanya on October 21, 2010. With this win, Miss Sweden, Dani Karlsson, is confirmed the top 25 semifinalists in the Miss World 2010. The runner-ups in the contest were Miss China and Miss USA respectively.

In another, Miss World Beach Beauty contest held on October 19, Miss Puerto Rico, Yara Lasanta, was awarded Miss Swimsuit. With this, Yara has secured the position of top 25 semifinalists. The runner-ups of Miss Swimsuit were Miss USA, Miss Norway, Miss China and Miss French Polynesia respec

The contest is being held in China after Vietnam backed out of the hosting contract on January 28, 2010. The final round of the Miss World 2010 will be held on October 30, 2010. The current Miss World, Kaiane Aldorino of Gibralator will crown her successor on the final of the event.

Nepal Pavilion in Shanghai Expo and National Pavilion Day cultural program

UPDATE: Videos added – courtesy China Daily

National Pavilion Day of the Nepal Pavilion in Shanghai Expo was on September 3, 2010. The event was marked with music, dance and exhibitions of art and culture. Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala went to China with 10 member cultural team lead by Shri Krishna Shrestha, for the program.

The Nepal Pavilion has a large Buddhist pagoda at the center, surrounded by folk houses representing styles from different periods in history dating back to the 11th century. The Pavilion showcases the outstanding talents in art and architecture in Nepal. The theme of the pavilion is “Tales of Kathmandu City — Seeking the Soul of a City: Exploration and Speculation.”

The pavilion is the biggest pavilion Nepal has created till date. Shanghai Expo 2010 officials have told that the Nepal Pavilion is popular in the Expo.

Shanghai Expo 2010 is the world’s largest expo featuring 189 international pavilions and 50 pavilions from multinational agencies.

Highlights of the cultural program: