Sanchita Luitel comeback in a music video, featured as a mother of her own kids

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, a music video featuring actress Sanchita Luitel was released. The mother of two is featured as a mother in the comeback music video. The video also features Sanchita’s son Arthav and daughter Sahisha.

The music video directed by a journalist of Kantipur Saptahik, Bidur Khatiwada features a story of a mother whose children have gone to a foreign country.

After marrying actor Nikhil Upreti Sanchita and Nikhil went to Mumbai. When the struggle to get roles in Bollywood films couldn’t be successful and when she became pregnant, Sanchita returned back to Nepal. Nikhil however hasn’t returned back to the Nepali film industry yet. After giving birth to two children within a couple of years Sanchita gained a lot of weight. For the comeback in film industry, Sanchita is visiting health clubs and has been successful in losing a lot of fat.

Watch the music video of Sanchita.

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