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A dark comedy, Nepali movie ‘Kabaddi’ is a movie by Ram Babu Gurung featuring Dayahang Rai, Nischal Basnet, and Rishma Gurung in lead roles. Other actors in the movie include Rajan Khatiwada, Bijay Baral, and Buddhi Tamang. The presentation of Black Horse Pictures, the movie is made on the story, screenplay and the direction of Ram Babu Gurung. Cinematographer Purushottam Pradhan has shot the movie, Govinda Rai was the choreographer and Neelima Sharma had designed the costume. The movie is jointly produced by Nischal Basnet and Sunil Chand Rauniyar.

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‘Kabaddi’ is a story of Bir Kaji (Dayahang Rai) who lives in a village named Naurikot. Most of the young guys of Naurikot have already left for foreign employments and most of those who are left are also planning to leave the place. Kaji in contrast is aimless in such terms. All he wants is to get married to his maternal cousin Maiya (Rishma Gurung). Maiya however runs away from every romantic advances of Kaji. Kaji’s friends (played by Bijaya Baral and Buddhi Tamang) back Kaji in every tactics he applies to get Maiya’s approval.

Maiya is not interested in having any affair with Kaji. She has a plan to visit and study in Kathmandu in her. She also wants to meet her father who had alienated himself. When Nischal Basnet Naurikot Maiya tries to woo him so that she could visit Kathmandu with him. Nischal’s presence made Kaji feel insecure and plans to marry Maiya forcefully. The whole story is in somewhat presented in the short trailer. Watch the movie to know what Kaji did to get his love. The movie doesn’t have the ending like other Nepali movies.

Strength and Weakness

‘Kabaddi’ presents a true image of Mustang in terms of social and geographical beauty is presented in the movie. The characters in the movie represent the true representation of real people and the viewers can feel the emotions of the characters. It’s not only the background music, the silence is also properly used in the movie. All the characters look real.

The first half flows smoothly and the viewers feel the tension of the story and binding. But, the second half fails to follow the same pace. The events happen in a bit of a haste. Although the scenes preceding the ending feel a bit out of pace, the ending is perfect. The script could have been made better.

The plot on Thakali community and a remote part of Nepal, the movie could have shed more light in the traditions of Thakali ethnic community.

Star Cast

The lead actor Dayahang Rai is perfect in his role. The acting, body language and dialogue delivery of Dayahang Rai is faultless. The new actress Rishma Gurung has also done justice to her character. The director of hit movies like ‘Loot‘, Nischal Basnet could have done much better that what he has done in the movie. Although he could have done better, he has done justice to his character.

The director Rambabu Gurung has done a great job in terms of the story and direction. The cinematographer Purushottam Pradhan has been successful in capturing the emotion and the essence of Mustang.


The year 2071 has started with more than one hit movies indicating the year to be a good year for the Nepali movie industry. ‘Nai Nabhannu La 2’ became very successful and now ‘Kabaddi’ is in the path to become another hit movie of the year 2071. Another release, ‘November Rain’ is also doing good in theater.

‘Kabaddi’ is an original Nepali movie made on real-life characters. The movie will certainly leave a higher level for the upcoming Nepali movies to attain.

Recommendation: A must watch movie.

Review by – Robin Manandhar

8 thoughts on “Kabaddi – Movie Review

  1. I love this movie.! But ending is soo boring ? And why mayya have so attitude.? Why dose not she like kaaji.? Kaaji cares mayya .? Why can not she marry with kaaji.???? But l like this movie.?

  2. I am from Sikkim, India I loved this movie very much and I recommend evryone who love nepali movie.
    Waiting for such movie to be made again!

  3. mind blowing movie , couldnt stop laughing start till end, after seven years first time watched nepali movie seriously outstanding movie, never thought nepali movie can make this much laugh, proud of watching nepali movie and acting of daya rai and other charectors.

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