The actors and actresses who debuted in 2070

In the year 2070 BS, almost a century movies were released (97 to be exact).

Debut actresses of 2070:

Actors who debuted in 2070

  • Siddhartha Koirala – Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala‘s brother Siddhartha Koirala debuted as an actor in ‘Megha’.
  • Raymon Das Shrestha – also debuted in ‘Megha’ the movie with Siddhartha Koirala.
  • Sushanka Mainali debuted in ‘Sanghuro’.
  • Koshish Chhetri, a singer by profession, debuted as an actor in ‘Mokshya’. Koshish’s acting was appreciated by the viewers.
  • Suraj Singh Thakuri debuted in ‘Karkash’. After that, Suraj also acted in ‘Jange’ and ‘Nai Nabhannu La 2’.
  • Gaurav Pahadi – Debuted in ‘Manjari’. Gaurav’s second movie ‘Hostel‘ was one of the successful movies of the year.
  • Shyam Aryal, a VJ, debuted as an actor in ‘Producer’.
  • Salon Basnet debuted in ‘Hostel’ with Anmol KC. Although it was first movie of Anmol in the leading role, he had acted in a short role in a previous movie. Also to be noted, both Anmol KC and Salon Basnet had been child actors in a number of movies in their childhood.
  • Abinash Gurung debuted in ‘Biteka Pal’.
  • Manav Subedi debuted in ‘Anataral’. Two actresses Ashishma Nakarmi and Namrata Sapkota also debuted in the movie.

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