Sanchita Luitel in Kathmandu for Kohi Mero dubbing

sanchita_ After marrying actor Nikhil Upreti, Sanchita Luitel has been living in Mumbai for some time. Both of them have been avoiding the media and much of their personal lives is unknown to the general public.

As announced previously, Sanchita has come to Nepal to finish the dubbing  of Kohi Mero, an Alok Newang movie. But, it was reported previously that Nikhil has no plan to return back soon. Sanchita’s return was also kept secret for some time before the journalists could know about her return.

When asked, Alok told that he doesn’t know the exact date she came to Kathmandu but he confirmed that she is doing the dubbing. Sanchita will remain in Kathmandu for the next two months but she is not interested to meet the media persons during her stay.

Bijaya Kerung, the director of another movie of Sanchita, Bandi, was looking for a replacement artist to do the dubbing. But, before he could start the dubbing, he got the news of Sanchita’s return. Bijaya however hasn’t met the actress till and is trying to locate the actress for the dubbing.

According to Nayapatrika, after few months of his second marriage, Nikhil is missing his son from his previous marriage with Kopila Upreti. Sanchita is reported to have gone to Nikhil’s original home  in Sarlahi on Firday to meet Nikhil’s father.

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