Nikhil Upreti in no mood to return back soon

Nikhil went to Mumbai to ‘act in a Bhojpuri movie’ some two and half months back. He has avoided all the attempts from Nepali media to contact him. Although both have admitted, many still don’t want to believe in the marriage between Sanchita Luitel and Nikhil Upreti. The reason people would love to think it is not true might be the little kid Nikhil has with his legal wife, Kopila Upreti.

A director, Basanta Niraula, has reportedly met Nikhil, when he was in Mumbai to finalize his film ‘Bijayapath’ and record some music. He told that Nikhil is working-out to build his body and is in discussion with producers to get break in Bollywood movies. Basanta’s moive ‘Kasam’ was being stalled due to the absence of Nikhil Upreti.

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