Shiva Regmi in serious condition at the hospital


Improvement – Now, Shiva Regmi is in stable condition. When the doctors predicted Shiva not to live more than an hour at 10 AM, film artists and his relatives were asked to gather in the hospital. But, the situation improved and now he is in stable condition.


Film artists and well wishers are gathering at the hospital. Friends and family members are also arriving from Chitwan.

shiva regmi update

In 2012 we had written a personal profile of Shiva Regmi – to mark his birthday.

For the last ten months, both of Regmi’s kidneys have failed. The doctors are waiting for his condition to improve before kidney transplant can be done.

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According to doctors attending director Shiva Regmi at the Bayodha Hospital in Kalanki, he is struggling for the life.

Shiva Regmi was air lifted to Kathmandu when his condition worsened while being treated in Chitwan Medical College Hospital. Both of Regmi’s kidneys had failed and he was being prepared for kidney transplant at the hospital in New Delhi, India.

According to producer, cinematographer and Director, Raju KC, who is at the hospital, the doctors have told that Regmi’s condition is not good. In a Facebook post, KC has asked all the film related personals to go to the hospital.

Regmi’s two movies – ‘Parai’ and ‘Manle Manlai Chuncha’ are in the process of release.  ‘Parai’ is scheduled to release on Poush 26, 2070.

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