Nepali Movie – Dharti

Nepali Movie – Dharti
Starring Gauri Malla, Shree Krishna Shrestha, Jal Shah, Shrisha Karki, Bharat Sharma, Riddhicharan Shrestha, Bishnu Sapkota, Sunil Thapa etc.
Director – Raju KC

Two late film artists are involved in ‘Dharti’. The movie features script and dialogue of late Shiva Regmi and late Shree Krishna Shrestha is the main attraction. The story of the movie is written by Sunita Sharma. Sunita has also presented the movie for Lotus Films Pvt. Ltd

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Shiva Regmi in serious condition at the hospital


Improvement – Now, Shiva Regmi is in stable condition. When the doctors predicted Shiva not to live more than an hour at 10 AM, film artists and his relatives were asked to gather in the hospital. But, the situation improved and now he is in stable condition.


Film artists and well wishers are gathering at the hospital. Friends and family members are also arriving from Chitwan.

shiva regmi update

In 2012 we had written a personal profile of Shiva Regmi – to mark his birthday.

For the last ten months, both of Regmi’s kidneys have failed. The doctors are waiting for his condition to improve before kidney transplant can be done.

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According to doctors attending director Shiva Regmi at the Bayodha Hospital in Kalanki, he is struggling for the life.

Shiva Regmi was air lifted to Kathmandu when his condition worsened while being treated in Chitwan Medical College Hospital. Both of Regmi’s kidneys had failed and he was being prepared for kidney transplant at the hospital in New Delhi, India.

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Movie Review – Bindaas

As suspected in the pre-release review of Bindaas, it proved to be another worthless movie expecting to cash on sex and vulgarity.

After creating some hype and buzz in media by signing in Sushma Karki at a much higher price (Sushma got three lakh for the movie) to ‘open up’ and feature in ‘all kinds’ of scenes, "Bindaas" is released all over Nepal on Friday 24, 2012.  Bindaas features Sushma Karki in lead role and other main characters are played by new faces Sushant Karki, Ashok Phuyal and Roshani Ghimire. The movie is produced by Raju KC and is directed by Raju Giri.

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