Shrinkhala gown malfunction reality – Miss World 2018 Top Model competition

A lot of Nepali were shocked when Miss Nepal Shrinkhala faced a problem with her gown during the ramp walk of Top Model Competition of Miss World 2018. My video report:

To the issue, Shrinkhala had clarified it bye sharing the following statement:

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The gown that I wore for the best designer round. Nude pink with heavy silver and pearl embroidery, it has a thigh high slit and a shawl that drapes the back. @manis_rai has definitely put in a lot of time and effort into making this beauty ❤️ I personally loved the back. Elegant, femininine, minimal yet unique! Now, let's address the issue that needs clarification. There was an unanticipated technical blunder with the dress as yesterday, I couldn't walk on it properly. I'm not an experienced ramp model, however I did practice a lot with this gown on. The problem was that the fabric was too light for the heavy embroidery. As the length was short during the trial, before leaving for China, we further added a thick line of embroidery at the bottom, which made it much heavier. And the major blunder was that we didn't realize that the pearls and the embellishments would get stuck into each other. The thigh high slit left little fabric at the back which got caught on with the embellishments in the shawl which didn't allow me to move freely at the ramp. While practicing, I was walking slow, with ease. However, our choreography was much fast paced. Hence, the back and the shawl easily got intertwined restricting any movement. However, there's nothing to worry about. Best designer is an independent event and doesn't count on our over all performance. It's a way to celebrate local designers from all around the world. What does count is the top model competition, which happened after the best designer competition was over. Nepal made it to the semifinals in it. ❤️ I am sorry about what happened, it was unfortunate. But, please let's not blame anyone for it. We had practiced the walk but sometimes unexpected issues can come up. He has put in his best effort, the dress looked spectacular with all the lights on. 😊 #missnepal2018 #missworld2018 #bwap #mnformw #missnepal #missworld #journeytomissworld

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