Shrinkhala Khatiwada is Miss Nepal 2018 (video)

The Miss Nepal 2018 is crowned in an event held in Kathmandu.

  • Miss Nepal World 2018 – Shrinkhala Khatiwada
  • Miss Nepal Universe 2018 – Manita Devkota
  • Miss Nepal Earth 2018 – Priya Sigdel
  • Miss Nepal International 2018 – Ronali Amatya

This year’s Miss Nepal is :

Miss Nepal 2018 Top 7 Finalists:

  1. Ronali Amatya
  2. Manita Devkota
  3. Mahima Singh
  4. Sayara Lama
  5. Priya Sigdel
  6. Aashma Dhungana
  7. Shrinkhala Khatiwada

12 Special award winners:

  • Livon Miss Miss Beautiful Hair: Shrinkhala Khatiwada
  • Hyundai Miss Friendship: Sayara Lama
  • Creative D Studio Miss Photogenic: Mahima Singh
  • Sulux Miss Punctual: Laxmi Poudel
  • The Kathmandu Post Miss Intellectual: Ashma Dhungana
  • Goldstar Miss Best Athlete: Megha Shrestha
  • Brij Cement Miss Confident: Aastha Sakha
  • Yamaha Miss Fascino: Shrinkhala Khatiwada
  • Berger Miss Glamour: Manita Devkota
  • NMag Miss Popular Choice: Sandhya Adhikari
  • The Hidden Treasure Miss Talent: Ronali Amatya
  • Beauty with Purpose: Priya Sigdel

All the contestants:


About Shrinkhala:

22-years old Shrinkhala Khatiwada comes Hetauda and is an architect. She is 5 ft 6 inches tall. Shrinkhala is a very good student.

She says:

I’m someone who loves to be around people, who helped you grow to become a better person. I have a tight group of people whom I’d take with me to the end of the Earth, My confident, My happy pills. I love travelling and reading. I’m a passionate writer and dream to publish at least a book someday.

It’s my first time participating in a beauty pageant However, I’ve had a plenty of experience at my field of architecture. I was the personal relations officer at an architecture exhibition that we did in 2015. Where i was in charge of bringing in the sponsors and communicating with the media. I’ve volunteered for post earthquake reconstruction at Jaraayotaar and Melamchi, Sindhupalchowk. I was featured in an Ad campaign for MnS VMAG.


Asian Paints design competition, Architecture Student Award 2016, Winner.
Kaleidoscope, Heroes of the Future, Architecture student award, National, 2017
Winner, Debate Competition – 9th Grade
Topper in Bachelor in Architecture (Year 2, Part 2; Year 5, Part 1 and Year 5 Part 2)

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