Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Khatiwada, interview (video)

The Miss Nepal 2018, Shrinkhala Khatiwada is a smooth speaker. Apart from being an architect, she is a poet and a writer. She is in control when she speaks. It can be clearly seen in the following interview video of the beauty with brain.

First, watch the following video – an introduction to Miss Nepal.

In the following interview, Shrinkhala has clearly stated that she is not interested in acting or modelling. As she is an architect she is going to work in engineering field. She also talks about the controversy of Miss Nepal International 2017, Niti Shah. She tackled in such a diplomatic way that, it is pretty clear she can deal with such issues if she were in the receiving end.


In the interview, Shrinkhala shows her talent to tackle the question, her clear vision of her future and her views and clarity in politics of the country.

About her participation in the international contests, Shrinkhala also stated a very clear vision on what she is to do and what to expect from the participation.

About her winning the title, she told it was purely luck. She was lucky to win Miss Nepal title because all other contestants were equally deserving the crown. Although it was a very diplomatic answer, it seems, she really meant it. She gives a feeling that she is a good hearted, down to the earth, a Nepali representative in the international beauty contest.

I have high hopes from Shirnkhala in future.

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