Saugat Malla and Shrista Shrestha seen together watching Twelve Angary Men

The affair between actor Saugat Malla and actress Shristi Shrestha is an open secret now. Although Saugat has admitted his love towards each other, they were trying to hide from the public. Before Shristi Saugat Malla was told to be in affair with model Soni KC. Soni reportedly threatened Shristi when Saugat left her. I also made a video about the affair and vacation of Saugat and Shristi at Rara lake in Mugu.

Now, it seems Saugat and Shristi are more comfortable being together in public places. Last time, they were seen together watching ‘Twelve Angary Men’ at Mandala Theatre. They seem comfortable being together and were happy when photos of them were taken.

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Saugat Malla and Soni KC affair (triangular love story):

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Who is Saugat Malla ?

The ‘Haku Kale’ of ‘Loot’ – Saugat Malla is one of the most talented actors in the Nepali movie industry. Although he is not considered that good looking, he is one of the most sought after actors.

Saugat Malla in ‘Loot’

One of the most successful movies in the history of the Nepali movie industry, ‘Loot’ was released at the time when the Nepali movie industry was going through the toughest time in its history. ‘Loot’ is also credited for rescuing the Nepali movie industry.

Watch ‘Loot ‘ here

Saugat Malla in ‘Kagbeni’

The 2008 release Nepali movie ‘Kagbeni’ directed by Bhusan Dahal is loosely based on the W W Jacobs’ 1902 horror short story ‘The Monkey’s Paw’. The movie is set at Kagbeni, located in the Kali Gandaki valley, about 2-hour walk from Muktinath. The director of the movie, Bhusan Dahal, is a well known journalist. Both Saugat Malla and Deeya Maskey featured in the leading role in the movie are known theatre actors. I think, ‘Kagbeni’ is one of the Top 10 must watch Nepali movies for it’s uniqueness in story telling and quality.

Watch ‘Kagbeni’ here.

Saugat Malla in ‘Fanko’ 

Saugat Malla was awarded Kamana Film Award 2016 for his role in ‘Fanko’.  Actress Keki Adhikari is featured opposite to Saugat in the movie.

Read more about Kamana Film Awards 2016 here.

Watch ‘Fanko’ here.

Saugat Malla in ‘Kabaddi Kabaddi’

Saugat was also featured in the sequel of superhit movie ‘Kabaddi’. The movie also became successful. Saugat’s role in the movie was also appreciated by viewers.

Watch ‘Kabaddi Kabaddi’ here.

Who is Shristi Shrestha ?

A resident of UK, Shristi Shrestha, is originally from Chitwan. She came to Nepal to participate in Miss Nepal 2012 and ended up winning the pageant. She also participated in the Miss World 2012 contest and made records in terms of previous Miss Nepal although she didn’t win any titles.

Shristi debuted in ‘Gajalu’ with actor Anmol KC in her opposite. The movie was successful and it has established Shristi as a credible actress. In addition to film she had also acted in a play.

Shristi was also featured in a short movie titled ‘Bhai Tika’ released during Tihar festival.

Affair between the two

November 2016 - Affair between Shristi and Saugat (exclusive report)

November, 2016 - Triangular love story 

October 2016 – Saugat told they were just friends

September 2016 – Rumour about affair between Saugat and Shristi

Saugat and Shristi Theatre background

Both Shristi Shrestha and Saugat Malla have theatre background. The first acting of Shristi was done in a Shakespeare play by British Council. After that, she debuted in ‘Gajalu’. Saugat Malla also started acting in theatre play. So, they both have love for plays and it was a no surprise to see them watching the play in Mandal Theatre.

Shristi’s debut play ‘Ophelia’  (a report on Ophelia).

All the movies of Saugat Malla in xnepali:

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Loot 2, Watch the full movie (Saugat Malla, Dayahang, Richa)
Nepali Movie – Shabda
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All the movies of Shristi Shrestha in xnepali

Nepali movie – Poi Paryo Kale (Pooja Sharma, Shristi Shrestha, Saugat Malla)
Nepali Movie – Gajalu (Anmol KC, Shristi Shrestha)
Nepali Movie – Bhai Tika

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