Shristi Shrestha talks about Saugat Malla, ‘We are just friends’

Miss Nepal 2012 and actress Shristi Shrestha has opened her mouth about the rumour of Shristi Shrestha’s affair with actor Saugat Malla. There had be various rumours about their relationship and their meet-ups. Shristi Shrestha has responded to all of those rumours in a text-interview published in an online magazine.

About Shristi Shrestha going to meet Saugat Malla at the shooting location in Pokhara:


Shristi admitted the incident of her meeting Saugat Malla in Pokhara. But, she added, it was not a personal meeting. It so happened that Shristi was in Pokhara for the promotion of her debut movie ‘Gajalu’ and Saugat was in the shooting location in the same place. Being a friend, Shristi went to meet him. She added, the ‘Gajalu’ team was also with her when she met Saugat Malla in Pokhara.

The rumour report:

About Shristi and Saugat Malla watching ‘Jhumkee’ together

Shristi and Saugat were going to watch the movie with one of their mutual friends. But, when the friend didn’t show up, Shristi and Saugat were left together to watch the movie.

She added, it was not a big issue as she occasionally go to movie theatres to watch movies with her friends.

About the photo of ‘S’ loves ‘S’

As I had reported earlier, it was photoshopped photo. She told that she laughed at it and she has no comment on whoever did such a thing.

How well Shristi knows Saugat Malla?

Shristi had known Saugat for a long time. After Shristi did the theatre play ’Hamlet’ they became good friends. She told, they are not in a relationship. Shristi says that it feels odd to read about such gossips.

Shristi admitted that it has only been six months since Saugat and Shristi had been good friends and she is happy about it. She says, Saugat is her favourite actor and she liked his dedication and efforts.

About her role in ‘Lalpurja’

Shristi Shrestha is being featured in an upcoming movie of Saugat Malla, ‘Lalpurja’. Shristi told that, the producer Madhav Wagle had asked her for a guest appearance in the movie. She had agreed to do the role a long time before the gossip about it was published in media. That means, Shristi’s role in ‘Lalpurja’ is going to short. Actress Miruna Magar is going to be featured in the leading role in the movie, opposite to Saugat Malla.

Watch the biography of Meruna Magar:

Shristi’s next movie

As a leading actress, Shristi will be featured in an upcoming movie by the ‘Resham Filili’ team. Shristi is rehashing for the movie titled ‘Romeo and Muna’. In the movie, Shristi will be featured as a strong village girl.

Note – Shristi’s response is based on the interview published in MazzakoOnline.

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